CREALAB EL PASO presents ePar 2022, a call to the arts for creative and experimental artistic production with an interdisciplinary approach that will be held at La Palma (Canary Islands).

Over 1000sqm space available in the very hearth of the island open to artistic experimentation and to addressing urgent issues such as the circular economy, humans impact on earth or the sustainability.

Seeking artists who want to freely develop their research to create site & time-specific works while sharing memorable experiences in such an awesome place.

The open call for the ePar residency is free of charge and open to participants from EU countries and UK.

Participants may be individuals working in artistic practices as sculpture, painting, sound and new media art or projects that question the relationship between human beings and the environment.

The selection will take after curator commission evaluates profiles and disclosed due to Apr 18th.

5 winners will become residents and will freely develop projects interacting with unique and suggestive spaces.

La Palma has a privileged geographical location and excellent weather conditions that make the sky a unique spot for stargazing.

On the island you can find some of the most awsesome black sand beaches of the Canary archipelago, many of which offer beautiful unspoiled landscapes for our enjoyment.

The La Palma Biosphere Reserve has an approved Trails Network that runs through the entire island territory, taking advantage of the traditional paths used for centuries by its inhabitants.

Each selected artist will be offered:

• A workshop in CREALAB EL PASO dedicated to creation. Choose your space spaces and the schedule your time for the residency;
• Adecuate material and a studio in which to work;
• Travel and living expenses;
• The exhibition of the artist’s work as part of the final exhibition and a publication at the conclusion of the residency.

The residency duration is 10 days: some slot in-between May 18th and 5th June 2022.

The five winners will be announced on 18th April.

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